Robbie Gil


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 “Listen to one song in Robbie Gil’s powerhouse set and you are sure to be hooked on this songwriter’s gut-wrenching lyrics and soulful voice.”  Christina Morelli -NYC Art Scene -

“From the opening of "Save Yourself" to the ending song "Valentine",  I am taken with the soulful voice that can be introspective at one moment and roar with raw emotion the next.   "Save Yourself" is more dramatic, the songs hit harder, and the voice commands all.  A great effort by a unique and gifted songwriter and vocalist!”  Peter Bliss - National Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

“The dense yet raw narratives of Save Yourself, whose songs blend one into another like the soundtrack to a musical feels like a never-ending lament of rationalizations, justifications and passionate yet inherently suspect promises. And, it charms. (No, really.)  What carries this album in the end is the rich poetry and insight of his lyrics.  Gil is so damn committed and sincere, and beneath that huge delivery, his lyrics are so compellingly rendered. Robbie Gil believes in what he’s doing so deeply that it simply forces the listener to believe, too.  He gives these tunes 110 percent, and the results are both undeniable and undeniably impressive.  Grade: B+”  Jason Warburg- The Daily Vault.

“The Final Spin:  Robbie Gil’s folksy, bluesy, heartache-fueled rock is paradoxically both the type of music you want to play in the background of a chill, relaxed gathering of friends and also the type of music you want to listen closely to the lyrics to dive deep into the great stories Gil weaves. Grade: A”
D.H. Schleicher - The Schleicher Spin -